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My child’s hair grows ridiculously fast. He gets that from me. He also gets his unfortunate cowlick from me. So as a result, he needs a haircut all the time. I try to space them out every other month, but I have started to face the fact that we may need to start going monthly. 

And of course, my child hates getting his hair cut. Hence, why I dread the idea of going monthly. He’s had a good eight haircuts already and he still hates it. He’s two. What else is new. They seem to hate everything at this age. 

We have been to a few different places for haircuts. We tried a specialty kid’s place that had the kid-friendly side down; but the cutting skills, not so much. We tried daddy’s barbershop which had the skills down but it was lacking in the bright colors and bubbles department.  

Finally, someone suggested that I take a little drive to Wilbraham, Massachusetts, because it would be worth it. So I did, and I now travel to a little place called Daisy Doos and Dudes  Salon for every one of my son’s haircuts. 

Wilbraham, if you are unfamiliar with Massachusetts, is not as far as it sounds. It’s actually just to the east of Springfield. Distance-wise, it’s not really that far from the Connecticut border. It’s actually right next to the Eastfield Mall and the Mass Pike. However, when you take the back roads, like we do, the drive can be long. Usually I drive for about 30 minutes. 

The salon is right on Boston Post Road, just past the mall and right across the street from Big Y. 

It’s located in Wilbraham Crossing shopping plaza, along with a few other businesses. They have a sign, but their name is in the middle, so when you make your first trip, you may miss it (we did)! Just remember to look for Big Y and it’s across from that! 

The salon is in the corner nook of the plaza. They have a fairly large parking lot for the whole plaza, but prime spots can fill up depending on the time of day you visit. We tend to go over there before supper time when the yoga classes start filling up, and people grab dinner at Subway. We have never had a problem finding a spot but sometimes we have to park at the opposite end of the parking lot. 

They have a big sign right above the salon, and the windows are decorated with lots of fun designs! 

Right when you walk in you’ll see the front counter where you can check in. I always make an appointment, and they suggest that you do so. You can either call or stop in to make an appointment. They also take appointments on their Facebook page. 

The front of the salon has seating and a play area for the kids while you wait. We tend to travel with our own trains but he always enjoys new toys! 

We were there for a basic haircut but they offer a number of services for children.  They have a special first haircut package which includes a keepsake certificate and a lock of your child’s hair.  Adult services are also available, and include haircuts and colors & highlights. Additionally, they offer spa services  for your children including manicures, pedicures, facials, and mommy and me spa days. 

They offer birthday party packages, as well as spa parties and princess parties

The salon is really adorable, and it’s decorated in the cutest ways. Right behind the front counter are the salon chairs for haircuts and styles. They have one side decorated with flowers, and all the seats are white. The other side has a pirate ship and sports decorations, with black chairs.  We always get the pirate chair! 

Off to the right of the waiting area, you’ll find the party room with a large table and chairs. 

Also to the right, you’ll find the pedicure station, the shampoo station and the nail station. Everything is bright and colorful, and super fun. 

Of course, we came here for one reason, and one reason alone: the dreaded haircut. It was finally our turn.  

Now the biggest reason I love this salon and I drive thirty minutes? His hairdresser. She is awesome with him. The best I’ve ever witnessed. And this picture sums it up. They take their time to get your child ready and excited for his haircut.   They talk to your child at his level, find a special show on the TV, pull out toys from their drawer, and help keep your child comfortable. And even when there are serious tears coming from your poor boy, they take their time to wipe the hair (and tears) from his face, pause as needed for breaks, and continue to talk your child through it. Trust me, it’s not a pretty sight when my child gets his hair cut, but his hairdresser gets it done all while keeping him as happy as he can be, distracting him as needed, and still cutting his hair safely and thoroughly. 

This time when we went, she actually had us sit up front while she cut his hair. And the protective mommy in me was hesitant, but I knew to trust her. Sometimes, it’s harder on the parents to let them go. But he was distracted less by me and daddy, and didn’t try to climb out of the chair to reach for one of us. It was sad listening to his protest but I knew he was okay. His biggest issue is that he hates the hair on his hands, and unfortunately, that’s going to happen during a hair cut! Especially when you have mommy’s phone in your hands so you can play Thomas the Train games (my poor phone is still hairy)!  

He made it through, and by the time he walked up front to us, he was already asking for his choo-choos and a lollipop! 

We survived another haircut! And I will continue going back there, probably in two more months because I’m just not ready to go monthly with this child. Although it’s been only a couple of weeks and his cowlick is already looking crazy! 

I know a lot of local parents are always looking for a hair salon for their kids, and unfortunately our options are slim to none in the north central area of Connecticut. It’s absolutely worth the drive to Wilbraham to get your child’s hair cut at Daisy Doos and Dudes! 

This about sums it up…

2040 Boston Road –  Wilbraham, MA

(413) 596-4040




Sunday and Monday: Closed (except for parties) 

Tuesday to Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm 

Saturday: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Things to Note:

  • There is a bathroom on site
  • Full service hair salon, specializing in children’s hair. Spa services (including manicures, pedicures, facials, makeup) also available, as well as ear piercing
  • Cash or credit cards accepted (no American Express) 
  • Appointments strongly recommended- call to book or book through their facebook page
  • Televisions available for use during haircut
  • Parties offered, see website for different options
  • Free Parking in front of the plaza 

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