Enfield Square Mall Playtown

Inside the Enfield Square Mall, just outside of Target, is Playtown. The play area contains a number of soft play structures for climbing. It is a great place to visit especially on a rainy day when your child needs to release some pent up energy! 

The best and easiest entrance to the Enfield Square Mall Playtown is through the Target entrance. Parking in this lot can be tricky if it is a busy weekend or the holidays, but if you visit during a weekday morning or afternoon, you can usually snag a spot close to the doors. 

Once you are inside, you’ll want to head left into the mall itself. Enfield Square Mall Playtown is right between Tranquilty Spa and Mastercuts. 

Playtown’s entrance is next to the big Playtown sign. The entrance is not gated, therefore, if you have a runner, you’ll want to sit near the opening to prevent escapees. Some moms put their stroller or Target cart right in front of the entrance to act as a makeshift gate. 

Most parents leave the stroller outside the play area. If you have a little sibling that is in the stroller asleep, no one will bat an eye if you park it on the inside. 

The rules for Playtown are posted at the entrance. They do ask that only children under 42″ play in the area. They also ask that there is no roughhousing, no food or drink, and no high heeled shoes in the play area. 

Shoes are optional in the play area.  Most parents remove their kids shoes. There are bins for the shoes to be stored. 

Seating wraps around the whole area, so you can see your kids from mostly every angle. There are a few blind spots, including behind the large hill. 

The tunnel, the boat and the hill are the most popular spots in the play area.  My little boy personally loves to climb in the boat. 

 Peek a boo! 

 There are two fun cars for climbing and pretending to drive, some different animals to climb, tall puzzles, mirrors, and smaller games on the walls to play. 

Overall, Enfield Square Mall Playtown is in great shape. There are a few spots on the cushioned seats that could use some repair but the play structures themselves are in good shape. 

We love Enfield Square Mall Playtown. It’s a great spot to meet up with other parents while your kid plays, and its a great rainy day option. The mall also has a Panera, a pizza shop, a movie theater and of course, Target (so you can sneak in a little shopping)!  

This about sums it up…

90 Elm Street, Enfield, Connecticut 
Phone: 860-745-7000

Mall Website

Hours:  Mall hours vary but currently the mall is open from 10 am to 9 pm on weekdays, and 10 am to 6 pm on Sundays. Holiday hours will vary. 


  • FREE!
  • Strollers should be parked outside of the play area
  • Open playground area, designed for children 42″ and smaller
  • Carpeted flooring
  • Seating surrounds the whole play area
  • Mall parking lot, near Target is most convenient
  • Family bathroom with changing table is located in the mall near center court or in Target

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