Preschool Playgroup at Suffield Gymnastics Academy

**Updated September 2, 2017 with the new preschool playgroup hours. The cost of admission has not changed ***

There is nothing better than an indoor activity to burn off your child’s endless supply of energy, especially with winter approaching. As much as they would still love to be outside at the playground or other outdoor activity, us parents are like, ‘no thanks, get me inside!’ I swear kids are not human – too much energy, too much tolerance for freezing cold weather. It isn’t natural! 

I’m always looking for things to do when the cooler weather hits, and after hearing about this special one hour playgroup from some other moms, I decided to check it out. We have tried a few indoor gymnastic centers, and he loved them, but they were a bit of a drive so we never go often. But this was one town over! I was so excited!

The Suffield Gymnastics Academy is actually a full gymnastics training center, complete with classes for all ages.  They also host an open play hour for children 0 to 6 years old. It’s held three times a week during the school year (September to June) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. They run the open playgroup in the morning at 11 a.m

We had no trouble finding the building. It is located behind the temporary library in Suffield on Fflyer Place (and no, that’s not a typo, it is two F’s so when you search for it on the GPS, make sure you spell it correctly).

Suffield Gym - Map

Suffield Gym- location

Suffield Gym- location

They have a fair amount of parking beside the building, but it was pretty full when we arrived a little after 10. This is apparently more popular than I realized!

Suffield Gym- Parking

The entrance to Suffield Gymnastics Academy  is on the side of the building facing the parking lot. There’s a big sign, you can’t miss it!

Suffield Gym- Entrance

Suffield Gym- Entrance

Suffield Gym- Entrance

When you enter, you want to turn towards the left. Here you’ll find the window where you pay for your child’s admission. The cost for preschool playgroup at Suffield Gymnastics Academy is $5 per child.Suffield Gym- Payment Booth

They do take credit cards

Suffield Gym- Payment Booth

To the right of the entrance, you’ll find shoe cubbies and a place to drop off your things. No shoes are allowed in the play area. Make sure your child (and you) wear socks


Also right near the shoe cubbies, you’ll find the restrooms. It was a popular place with all these little ones who use the potty quite often, so I didn’t get a chance to peek inside to see if there was a changing table. 

Suffield Gym- Bathroom

Before you enter, you’ll also notice the sign stating no food or drink is allowed in the gym.  Also, as you can see, they have roped off the entrance so little mad men, like my child, will be slightly deterred from leaving the play area (he does know how to crawl and duck, so it isn’t completely fool proof!) But they ask that you keep an eye on your child at ALL times. The equipment is only as safe as you make it, unless your 3 year old is a pro on the uneven bars.


Suffield Gymnastics Academy is huge!! The whole floor is padded as well, so it helps cushion your child from all those inevitable falls and tumbles they have. 




They have an open mat area with soft foam blocks and traffic cones the kids can play with; and different size foam wedges, barrels and larger blocks the kids can climb or roll on and jump off. 



They have several different parallel bars and uneven bars. These were a little too advanced for us… but maybe for the children closer to 5 or 6, they may like hanging from these! 




There are several balance beams as well, which most kids love to climb on or try to walk on! 



My child apparently prefers to straddle them….  

Suffield Gym- Bars

There are a few options for trampolines. He had never been on one before so he was a little unsure. So, he just ran on it back and forth. He still can’t jump yet so he wasn’t grasping that concept! 




Already exhausted! This looks like a good place for a nap! 


They have a many other pieces of equipment, like the horse, vault trampoline, rings – those were things we skipped since he really couldn’t use them! 



But what he could use, and what made this whole trip worth making? This.Suffield Gym- Ball Pit

A huge, very deep, soft foam block pit. I have never seen my child SO happy in all his 2 years of life. What’s funny is that when we first approached it, he was having none of that. I ended up tossing him in, against his will. And then he laughed, and laughed, and laughed. And he spent about 75% of our time jumping in and climbing out of the pit. 

Suffield Gym- Ball Pit

Suffield Gym- Ball Pit

Like I said, pure bliss. 

Suffield Gym- Ball Pit

We really enjoyed our time checking out Suffield Gymnastics Academy, and the hour went by pretty fast. This is something we will definitely do again. It’s such a great price, and there is so much to do. There are also a lot of little ones with their parents, so your kids will have someone to play with the whole time too. So, they can burn off some energy, get some exercise, AND socialize! That’s a win! 

And yes, he did sleep good that day during his nap! Made it all worth it!! 


This about sums it up…

110 Ffyler Place – Suffield, CT



Preschool Play Group is held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11 a.m. from September to June.  

**If the Suffield School System closes or has a delay due to inclement weather, SGA will be closed for all morning programs

**Please check their website and facebook page for up to date information regarding closures. 


For ages 0 to 6 years old: $5

Parents are free. 


  • Trampolines, bars, balance beams and other soft toys to play with
  • Huge soft foam block pit! 
  • Full parent supervision required
  • Padded floors
  • No shoes allowed – remember socks! 
  • Free parking
  • Bathrooms available
  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the play area


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