The Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground

If you were to ask any mom in the town of Enfield, “what is there to do in town with the kids?”, the overwhelming response will be: the playground at the library.

Tucked behind the Enfield Main Library is the Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground. Built in 2012, thanks to funding by LEGO Corporation’s Children Fund and other local businesses and individuals, this playground is the go-to place for families in town.

The Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground is designed for all children, with ramps for wheelchair-accessibility and a padded rubber ground cover to help cushion the endless falls that will happen when children run wild.

The playground is divided into two sections: an area with baby swings, climbing & riding toys, a tree house and musical instruments geared towards the little ones; and a larger play structure with slides, monkey bars and elaborate climbing features for the bigger kids.  Both sides also feature swings, including infant swings in the smaller children’s area.  

Enfield Rotary Playground- Large Playscape Full View

The smaller children’s area is designed for ages 2 to 5 years old

It has a fun tree house to climb in and pretend play. 

This hippo only looks like he will eat you up, but he is pretty fun to climb in!

Other climbing structures include this caterpillar, a rock formation and a crocodile. 



There are quite a few riding toys, including a ladybug, tractor and a raft. 



This little structure provides some shade in the otherwise sunny playground, and also has musical instruments, and a place to pretend play. 



The other side of the Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground is much more exciting for the older kids. It is designed for children ages 5 to 12 years old. However, don’t be surprised to see the toddlers drift over from the other side. I mean, there are slides over on this side! 

Speaking of slides. there are two: a small double slide for little ones, and a big slide for the risk-takers.  



There are also a number of monkey bars and climbing poles, and this elaborate spider web. 

There are benches throughout the Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground, as well as a covered pavilion for you to take a rest. 


The covered pavilion is situated in the center of the Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground. It has a number of picnic tables so you can stop and have lunch, then go back to playing. This pavilion also provides a nice shady refuge on a hot day. The playground is pretty sunny throughout and can get hot. Be sure to plan accordingly with hats and sunblockYou can also visit the library for shade and a few good books to read. In addition, the bathrooms are located inside the library.

The gravel path stretches around the entire library grounds and makes for a fun little walk for the kids. My boy especially loves sitting on the path, sifting gravel.

Parking is very ample at the Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground, though it is shared with the library and prime spots can fill up on nice days.

A few concerns that should be mentioned: the pavilion does separate the two playgrounds. So if you have children of varying ages, you will not be able to watch them from both sides. They will have to play on one side or the other.  Also, the playground is very close to the parking lot. While there are low fences that do prevent most wanderers, you will want to keep a close eye on your child if he is a runner!

Otherwise, the Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground, along with the library, are a great place to visit, whether you live in or out-of-town!

This about sums it up…


104 Middle Road, Enfield, Connecticut 

The playground is open at all times, however, it’s not much fun in the dark since it’s unlit. The library itself is open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 9 pm, and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, if you need to use the restroom or would like to spend time in the library.


  • FREE!
  • Stroller Friendly!
  • Handicapped-accessible for children of all ages
  • Two play areas, designed for toddlers/preschoolers (2 to 5) and older school age children (6 to 12)
  • Swings, including baby swings
  • Rubber padded ground (under the play areas only, the rest of the area is grass covered)
  • Covered Pavilion with picnic tables and trash receptacles
  • Benches throughout the playground
  • Walking trails
  • Partially fenced area, if you have a child that likes to run off, this might be a concern
  • Large parking lot with plenty of available spaces
  • Restrooms located inside the Enfield Public Library, with a changing table

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