Truck Day at the Somers Public Library

Not just two weeks after the Vehicle Day at the Enfield Public Library did we find out that they were hosting a Truck Day at the Somers Public Library!  It was during the middle of the week, on a Wednesday. Despite this, it was still a pretty popular event! And it was FREE

The event was held at the back of the library, and parking was available in the neighboring elementary school. 

Since it was held in a parking lot, it was pretty easy to move around with a stroller. It also wasn’t a big area for a child to stray but it was near the road, so if you have a runner, you want to keep a close eye on them. It was also open sun, and on a warm June day, we definitely needed our sunscreen


They had some pretty awesome vehicles at this event. There was an ambulance, fire truck, several big town trucks, some farm equipment (it is Somers after all!), a tractor-trailer, a tank truck and an ice cream truck. 



We checked out this digger! 



And even had a chance to sit on the tractor. Someone wasn’t feeling happy that I put him there though! 



The big tank truck was really cool! Most of the vehicle owners were with their trucks and were very friendly. They were happy to let the kids get in the trucks, and also answered questions. 


We weren’t happy about the idea of sitting IN the fire truck… so we compromised and sat ON it! I think it was just an off day for this little guy! He was fascinated by the lights though! 


He was pretty excited when he met Chompers, the mascot for the new Hartford Yard Goats. Chompers tried to get a hug, but the most he was getting from my boy was a wave! 



We didn’t stay long, because as I mentioned, someone was grumpy that morning, and was really happy when I said “You want to go home?” But in just a half hour we saw some pretty cool trucks. I have to say for a small area, they packed in some really neat vehicles – I especially liked the tractor! This was our first year attending the event, so I am not sure if it will be held next year but if it is, this is something to check out! Truck Days are always a good time and Somers certainly did it right! 

This about sums it up…


2 Vision Boulevard, Somers CT 06071

Library Website


June 29, 2016  – 10:30 a.m. to Noon. 


  • FREE!
  • Stroller Friendly!
  • Large parking lot with plenty of available spaces
  • Restrooms located inside the Somers Public Library
  • Bring sunscreen and hats to protect from the sun

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