Let’s Do This!

Welcome to This Connecticut Mom!  

Like any parent who stays home, I love getting out of the house! With a little one in tow, I struggled to find activities for us. And Target shopping trips were starting to get old (and expensive!). I filled part of our days with library storytimes, playgroups with our town’s Family Resource Center, and trips to the local playgrounds, but I still found we were getting bored and a little stir-crazy.

After following several local Facebook groups for quite some time, I noticed that many moms and dads faced a similar problem as I did: trying to figure out what to do with their kids. While everyone had great ideas, they were always the same places to go and the same things to do. Things we already did..

I wanted to find new and exciting things to do in our area. So I started searching the internet: I dug through town websites; I followed a number of Facebook groups and pages; I read other local mommy blogs. I did countless google searches. I talked to other moms about what they did to fill their days.  It was a lot of legwork, but I found a ton of things to do. The list grew so large that I created a spreadsheet of all the activities for us to do.

Then it hit me. I need to share this!

And that’s when I decided to start this blog.  I am rather thorough with my organization. I have spreadsheets, I have folders of photos and notes from where I visit, I have paper folders full of flyers and other things I pick up at sites. I take all of that and merge it into one neat blog post for you to read.  I share everything I find and enjoy. I want you to be able to look at this blog and say, “hey let’s check this place out!”

While the main purpose of this blog will be to help parents find fun activities for their kids in Connecticut, I will venture occasionally into Western Massachusetts and other areas of New England. I also plan to offer random household tips, recipes and creative ideas that flow through my head.

In short, I want to help you enjoy This Connecticut Life!

Blogging Basics:

  • My boy and I are always on the move, and each week we collect lots of photos and memories of our travels. My goal is to try to post reviews and guides on Tuesdays. But life is unpredictable so if we are sick or on vacation, there may be a delay.
  • I will post my a calendar of events on Sunday (for a Monday to Thursday list) and a weekend calendar of events on Thursday (for a Friday to Sunday list). 
  • I share all my posts on Facebook, so be sure to follow me there. I will share when a new blog is posted, but I will also use Facebook to inform you of any special events in the area, or if I want to offer other helpful information that does not end up on the blog. 
  • I also share my posts on Instagram. 
  • My posts are sorted by location and type. I also use tags as another way to search (for instance, you can search for rock walls or petting zoos).
  • Most of the places we visit are geared towards my preschooler. For now, we visit locations that he will be able to enjoy and participate in most of the activities.
  • I love free and cheap places! At this time, I pay for most of my activities and outings. As such, you will probably notice that the activities and outings I suggest are low budget (or I can find a discount coupon or library museum pass).
  • If there are any errors and inaccurate information, please let me know. I do my best to check and recheck but I am only one person and I want to make sure the information I get out to you is completely accurate!
  • I am happy to hear any ideas or suggestions for places we should check out! We love exploring and I am basically picking activities randomly from my list. If there is something we must do, let me know!