This Enfield Mom

A self-proclaimed dabbler, I have spent my entire life trying to find the direction in life that would bring most joy.  Four colleges, five different majors, and several career paths, nothing ever seemed to stick. From law to nursing, women’s studies to wedding planner, at the age 33 it seemed life would never fall into place.

Enter motherhood. 

Every woman knows that becoming a mom will change her life. For me, I finally found the answer to everything I have been struggling to figure out. My meaning in life was to be someone’s mom.

I was so fortunate to have three years at home with my son as a stay at home mother.  My son recently started preschool and at the same time, I reentered the workforce at a part time capacity.  We now fit our exciting adventures into weekends, holidays, vacations and even after school! It’s a different life for us now but we still make sure to get out and explore the different places around Connecticut! 

This blog has become my pride and joy, and I am really excited to be able to share our adventures with you!  I hope more than anything this encourages you to visit just one new place, or all of them!




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