Avon Free Public Library

Last April, during the Passport to Connecticut Libraries event, we visited a fair amount of libraries throughout the northern and central parts of the state. It’s amazing how different and unique each library is. Each one has their own special children’s section: some quaint and simple; others quite large and elaborate. They all seem to draw your child in though, in one way or another (for my boy, it was usually with the train table). 

One of our favorite discoveries during this scavenger hunt was the Avon Free Public Library. Since our first visit in April of last year, we have returned a few times. If not for the long drive, I think we would be here every week! 

Avon is a bit of a drive from Enfield. It takes about 45 minutes through the back roads to reach the library. Unfortunately, there is no quick highway to jump on when visiting this library. It is a pretty drive though, and can be fun if you make a trip out of it.  

The library is huge, and it is one of the more beautiful libraries that we visited. I was pretty overwhelmed by the sight of it when I first set eyes on it during our first visit! 

They have a large parking lot and tons of spaces available. 

When you first enter the library, you’ll want to go through the doors under the WELCOME sign. This will lead you into the main section of the library and circulation desk. 

To get to the children’s library, you’ll want to immediately turn right once you pass through the doors. There you will find the stairs that lead up to the children’s library. There is also an elevator available if you have a stroller with you. 

At the top of the stairwell, you will see the door for the children’s library (the elevator is right across from the stairwell, as I mentioned).  

Right when you walk in, you’ll spot hooks for your coats (if you brought one). There are also a couple bathrooms right near the elevator/stairs. The second floor also has a family restroom located further in the children’s area, complete with a changing table. Additionally, there are many bathrooms downstairs, along with changing tables. 

So, what I failed to mention is that the ENTIRE second floor is devoted to the children’s and teen’s library. The WHOLE FLOOR. It is a massive children’s library! There are so many books to read, tons of places to sit from cozy chairs to little hideaways for the kids, and lots of toys and puzzles.  What kid would not love this!

There is so much for the little ones to play with! Magnets! Train tables! Doll houses! There are also blocks, puzzles, stuffed animals, and so much more to see and do. 

They have a special area for puppet shows!

There is a pretend kitchen, complete with a fridge and table. He had a great time playing in there with a new friend. It was great that he had someone else to play with because it was a pretty small doorway for mom to fit in! 

We also found lots of little nooks with cozy seats for reading books and having some quiet time. 

In the back corner, you’ll find the storytime room and the arts & craft room. They are hidden behind this phenomenal set design! It looks like a little main street! I can’t believe this is inside a library! 

The library holds storytime regularly throughout the week. However, most are by registration. They currently have a weekly storytime on Tuesday mornings at 10:30 a.m. that is drop in for children ages 2 and 3. We have not yet attended a storytime at the library. But the room is huge! I would imagine they have a great time in there! 

We have visited during their open art studio time. What a great program! This is currently held on Wednesday throughout the day. Check their website calendar for current times (or see our weekly Things to Do posts, in which I list the weekly art studio time). He had a great time coloring and making beautiful artwork on the day we visited! 

If you are fortunate to live near this wonderful library, I hope you partake in their activities on a regular basis. If you live far away like us, this is definitely a library to visit. Plan it well, and go on a day with open storytime or art studio time. Or if you visit in the summer, go to the farmer’s market held in the library’s parking lot first then head inside for a fun hour or two in the library. This library is enjoyable for your little ones even if there is no storytime or special program going on. 

I hope you can check this library out soon! We love it and I am sure we will be back during the next Passport the Connecticut Libraries adventure, and the again during farmer’s market season! 

This about sums it up…


281 Country Club Road –  Avon, Connecticut 

Phone:  (860) 763-7510



Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Wednesday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sunday (Dec. to April): 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Be sure to check the library’s website for holiday hours, as well as winter weather closures.


  • Stroller Friendly! 
  • Children’s library is located upstairs, but is accessible by elevator
  • Large parking lot with plenty of available spaces
  • Multiple restrooms on both floors – including a family restroom with a changing table
  • Storytimes, art studio and special events held often: check the library’s calendar for dates
  • Museum Pass Program is available for residents and non-residents 

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