Billy Beez

**UPDATED: While this Post was written in 2016, the prices have been edited to reflect the current 2017 rates. My review and most of the content in this post remains the same.

Billy Beez is a new addition to the Holyoke Mall, and it is so awesome that we finally have something like this in our area! 


I had been wanting to check this place out since it opened this past spring. I’m actually glad I waited because my almost 2 and a half year old definitely enjoyed this, more than I think he would have 6 months ago! 

We visited Billy Beez on a weekday morning, right after they opened at 10 a.m. We brought along my sister in law and my 1 and a half year old niece. It was great to get a perspective from both ages- while my 2 and a half year old had a blast, my 18 month old niece was a little more apprehensive. 

The prices for Billy Beez depend on age, and range from $9.95 to $15.95 per visit. Parents are an additional $3.95 with a child’s admission. During the weekdays, only one adult can visit per child. On weekends, you can bring two adults. Additional admission costs can be found on their website, as well as information about buying “mega-packs”.  **Please note that as of 2017, these prices have been updated and the current admission rates can be found online!

Billy Beez- Costs

On the plus side, you can come and go as you please throughout the day. So if you want to play in the morning for a couple hours, grab some lunch and do some shopping, you can go back later in the afternoon to continue playing. But for parents with napping toddlers, this doesn’t work quite as well, and I ended up only staying for two hours. 

The new Billy Beez is located on the upper level of the mall, right by Pottery Barn. 


When you first enter Billy Beez, you will see the counter where you buy your tickets and receive a wrist band. They ask that you wear socks in the play area- if you don’t have socks on, you can buy socks at the front counter. But, since you are reading this post, you’ll be prepared and have socks on! 

Billy Beez- Counter

There are a few signs in this area that go over the rules: No Outside Food or Drinks (although I did enter with my coffee and a sippy cup for my boy, and no one said anything), no shoes or jewelry, parents need to stay with their children at all time, and basically, you’re responsible for yourself if you get hurt. Pretty standard. 




As I mentioned, you are given a wrist band that will allow you access into the play area. They ask that you keep this on. They are pretty good with security, and they have a locked gate that a worker has to open for you to enter the play area. 

Billy Beez- Wristband

Billy Beez- Gate

When you first enter Billy Beez, they have a seating area and shoe cubbies. We left our strollers and bags here, but I was prepared and did not bring in anything valuable with us. This area isn’t watched, and you are responsible for your own belongings. I also didn’t want to lug my purse around with me, so I came light. I’d recommend that you might want to do the same! 

Billy Beez- Shoe Area

We were really excited to have some fun!!! Billy Beez- Excited

So, this place looks small on the outside, but let me tell you, they pack the fun in!! There is SO MUCH going on in here. 







There really is no good place to start, so we just dived right in!!  Parents are absolutely encouraged to get in there and have just as much fun as their kids! Don’t be afraid to climb and slide your heart out. I mean, you did pay for it! 

Like I said, there lots of things to climb! 

Billy Beez- Climbing

There are tunnels everywhere!  The rock wall in the tunnel nearly killed me but I did it. My knees hurt so much the next day! Many areas are designed for little kids, so a mom that is 5 feet, 5 inches like me will do a lot of ducking and crawling. Great exercise, right? I can’t imagine what my almost 6 foot husband would have done in here!! 

Billy Beez- Tunnels

There are lots of places to explore- ball pits, mesh walkways, and little holes to climb through that this mom was so not going to fit through. As you can see, there are a lot of low areas, so be prepared to duck a lot, like I mentioned before. 

Billy Beez- Inside

The best part of the whole place is all the SLIDES!! Each slide is unique in its twists and turns, how far you drop, how fast you slide down, some are enclosed, some are open. I did notice the tube slides are really fast. We went down a couple and I couldn’t believe how fast we slid- it’s like they greased the slides up before they opened! Billy Beez- Slides

Each slide has rules posted by it so make sure you read those before you start sliding!

Billy Beez - Slide Rules

They also had these big slides-  a few had pretty intense drops!

Billy Beez- Slides

Billy Beez- Slides

They are most famous for this six lane rainbow slide! We loved this one! 

Billy Beez- Slides

Billy Beez- Slides

If the big play area is a bit much for your smaller children, Billy Beez also has a special area for them called Mini Beez. This is basically a scaled down version of the main play area. It’s not for parents as much, but it is rather easy for smaller children to navigate. Children have to be under 42 inches to play in this area and must be supervised by parents at all times! 




After we did a few runs around the play area and down several slides, we found the Ball Blaster Arena! This is like a giant ball pit! It was so much fun! The balls come out of the center device, once you turn it on with the sensor pad. When the balls fly out, you can grab them and put them inside the air tubes (also sensor based). The balls fly upstairs and can then be shot down with the blasters. The thing I loved about the blasters- you can’t aim them at the people below, so no one gets hurt! We had a lot of fun in this area! 




The two of them killed me – dead. 


Next to the ball blaster arena, you’ll find the sports court. 

Billy Beez- Sports Court

Additionally, around the corner is the trampoline, which does cost extra and is not included in your admission cost. You can buy time for jumping at the trampoline. They only allow one person at a time on the trampoline, so if there is a line you will have to wait your turn. 



Next to the trampoline is BB Games, an arcade that is available for use at an additional cost. There are lots of arcade games and prizes to be won!



Honey Cafe is located inside Billy Beez and offers standard fare like hot dogs, popcorn and drinks. They also provide lots of seating so you can enjoy your lunch or snack without having to leave Billy Beez. 





There are bathrooms located at the back of the play area (right next to the trampoline). They have a family restroom room in addition to the boy’s and girl’s room.  Both the family restroom and the girl’s bathroom have a changing table. 





If you and your kids love Billy Beez alot, you can even have your parties there! They have a number of rooms available to rent for parties. The packages and costs can be found on their website



We ended up having a really great time at Billy Beez. We spent just about two hours playing in the main play area, the mini beez area and in the ball blaster arena. My two and a half year old enjoyed this much more than his little cousin. She had a hard time climbing and was scared of the slides. So if you do have little ones, you may want to wait until they are either a little older or you are certain they will love climbing and going down slides. Since you are paying for their admission, you want to make sure everyone enjoys themselves! 

Also, as the mom who was climbing and crawling, make sure you dress accordingly: sweatpants or yoga pants, comfortable clothes. I felt like I was getting the best workout of my life in here! And don’t forget the socks! 

So, if you haven’t yet, you’ll absolutely want to check Billy Beez place out! 

This about sums it up…

 Holyoke Mall at Ingleside – 50 Holyoke Street- Holyoke, MA 



Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am – 9:30pm
Sunday: 11am – 6pm

*Admissions desk closes 1 hour prior to park closing


Infant: Free with paid toddler or adult; or $9.95 for child and adult

Toddlers (ages 1 to 4): $12.95

Children (ages 5 to 17): $15.95

Adult (18+): 1st $3.95, 2nd (weekends only) $6.95

Seniors (65+): Free with paid toddler or child

See website for up to date pricing


  • Main play area is geared towards walkers and older children; Mini Beez play area available for children under 42 inches
  • Lots of climbing, lots of slides
  • Trampoline available at an extra cost
  • Arcade 
  • Strollers not allowed in play area
  • No shoes allowed – socks needed to play 
  • Parking is available for free in the mall parking lot
  • Bathrooms available, including changing tables 
  • Food available for purchase 
  • Party rooms available for rent
  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the play area

A few additional tips:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and plan to get a good work out!
  • Definitely plan to stay for a while! If you do plan to leave, make sure to keep your wristband so you can return
  • Remember socks! 

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