My Friends Place at Nevers Park

My Friends Place at Nevers Park in South Windsor is a popular playground up here in Northern Connecticut.  Often times when moms talk about the best playgrounds around the area, this one tops the list. And rightfully so. It is a pretty spectacular playground. 



The playground has a large parking lot and plenty of parking spots available. Although the playground does abut the parking lot, there is a bit of space between the play areas and the cars. It is still important to keep an eye on runners.


The playground is a boundless playground and is accessible for everyone. It has a concrete pathway throughout the playground. It has a mix of concrete, rubber padding and mulch as its ground cover and is pretty easy to move around with a stroller

The entire playground is in the sun, and there is not a ton of shade. So definitely plan ahead and bring water, sunscreen and hats. 

The playground is divided into three sections. The first section includes swings and a play structure for children ages 2 to 5. The second section is for all ages and has a sandbox, musical instruments and a garden. The third section is a play structure designed for ages 5 to 12, and also includes swings. 

The first section of the playground is located right next to the entrance. There is a swing set with baby swings and an accessible swing. 



The play structure in this section is really fun! It has two slides, two staircases, and many other things going on. The ground is also a soft padded material so if there are falls, it’s a little softer landing. 


There are two ways to climb up this structure: one is a simple staircase with rails to hold on to, and the other way is a more challenging set of steps with no rails. 




It also has a double slide and a roller slide, which is really fun!


We really liked this roller slide!


For my child, who is 2, this kept him entertained for the majority of the time. If we had not led him around to the other areas of the playground, he would have stayed on that roller slide for hours. 

The second section of the playground has many sensory aspects, including musical instruments, a quiet garden and a sand area. 

The music area is pretty neat with drums and xylophone type instruments. 






The sand area is pretty impressive. There is a large sand pit, sand table, covered gazebo and lots of toys for use. I know my child loves sand boxes, and whenever we come here, he absolutely enjoys getting in the sand… I, however, do not love sand. It ends up EVERYWHERE! It’s hard to ignore this sand area though, it’s a huge space and it’s right in the middle of the playground. So if you’re like me, be prepared for a diaper full of sand! 






There is also a see saw in the sand play area. 


Also in this section is a sensory garden. There are many different plants for children to touch, see and smell. 


The third section of this playground is the more challenging play area for ages 5 to 12. It is actually set on a lower level and can be accessed by two ramps on either side, or through the play structure, or down the big roller slide!




This play area has a lot more challenging climbing structures, like a rock wall, monkey bars, and poles! 





It only has one double slide but it’s a rather daring one! 


There are additional swings in this section of the playground, however they are all standard swings for older kids that can hold on tight.


The only downside to the design of this playground is that you can’t see everything going on from one spot. If you have a little toddler in the first section, it will be hard to see what your older child is doing in the third, lower level section. And vice versa if you are down in the lower level. 

There is a small pavilion with picnic tables available for use. If you have time to stay for a picnic lunch, this is a very inviting place to sit!


My Friends Place at Nevers Park is an absolute must visit no matter where you live in Connecticut. During the summer season, the park also hosts a weekly farmers market. So you can grab some fresh veggies and then check out the playground while you’re here. Or if you are at Evergreen Walk, you can swing around to Nevers Park (it’s really close!). 

This about sums it up…

150 Nevers Road – South Windsor, Connecticut

Town Website

Hours:  Sunrise to Sunset


  • FREE!
  • Boundless playground- wheelchair accessible 
  • Strollers overall easy to maneuver (a little challenging in the mulch area) 
  • Open playground area – two separate play areas for the smaller crowd and the older crowd, as well as a sand area and sensory area 
  • Swings- including baby swings and accessible swings
  • Concrete, rubber padding and mulch ground cover
  • No barriers/fences – easy to escape with a runner 
  • Very sunny play area (Pack sunscreen!) 
  • Many benches throughout the playground
  • Covered pavilion and picnic tables 
  • Large parking lot with plenty of available spaces

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