Bazin N. Bruce Memorial Park

I often scour neighboring town’s recreation department websites, trying to find playgrounds and parks to check out. Since I didn’t grow up in this area, a lot of times I am discovering places that are brand new to me. 

I recently discovered a fun playground at Bazin N. Bruce Memorial Park in Suffield. It actually is a pretty impressive place!

The playground is technically part of Spaulding Elementary school and as such, they do not allow public use during the school day. However, it is open for public use during the summer and after school is dismissed. We actually had arrived just after summer break started, so we didn’t have any issues. But it is definitely something to keep in mind when you visit. 

Although it’s located on a main road, Bazin N. Bruce Memorial Park is tucked behind Spaulding Elementary school so it is not visible from the street.

On the afternoon we visited, we actually had the place to ourselves! The parking lot at Bazin N. Bruce Memorial Park is large and there are plenty spots- I am not sure how much it fills up on a weekend. 

The sign states the playground is designed for ages 4 and up, but my 2-year-old had no problem playing here! We’re rebels like that! You’ll also note the sign says no public use during school hours, as I mentioned above. 

The playground is divided into two sections. The smaller playscape is more for younger kids, with easier to climb stairs and less intimating slides. The larger playscape is for the older crowd, with monkey bars, more intense slides and challenging climbing structures. 

The smaller playscape has a ramp that leads up to the entrance. This makes it accessible to all, and also makes it easier for moms to follow their little ones if they are pushing a stroller. The ground cover is also rubber mat

Bazin Bruce Park - Small Playscape

There is a bridge that crosses the small playscape, we called it the shake shake bridge (any Thomas fans here?). My child could have spent hours running back and forth on that! 

There are a number of ways to climb onto this structure! 

And there are two fun slides on the smaller playscape! We really liked the bumpy one!

In this area, they also have some different balancing structures, and a see-saw.    

There is a small swingset in this area as well with two swings and an accessible swing. There are no baby swings at this playground

The larger playscape sits atop mulch. Most of the entrances into this structure are more complicated, with steeper steps, rockwalls, monkey bars and other climbing structures. It has a number of tunnels and is definitely not lacking in slides! 

The many different entrances to the larger playscape! For my two-year old, he was only able to climb up the stairs in this play area. 

The one thing this playground does not lack- slides! And they are pretty awesome too! 

Of course, we have to go down head first! 

The larger playscape also has two tunnels that were really fun to climb through!! 

In the mulched area, there are also a merry-go-round…. 

…. and this weird contraption.

There is a large swingset in this area too, with regular swings

There is not a ton of seating for adults in this playground but there is a nice shade tree with a wrap around bench that is also right next to a big sand pit. Apparently, this wasn’t a day to let mom sit down…. but it looks comfortable! 

We didn’t explore the park too much but it includes a number of fields for sports, hiking trails, and a covered picnic pavilion. Also, according to the town’s website, there are restrooms located in the park as well. We did not scope those out however. 

I honestly was really impressed with this playground at Bazin N. Bruce Memorial Park. It offers a lot of fun things to do – lots of slides, things to climb, swings, tunnels, shaking bridges. It also was not an easy to escape playground, for those with runners like mine. The parking lot is close and it is not fenced off, but they have to clear a good amount of distance before they reach the pavement. 

It is also a sunny location, so be sure to pack a hat and sunscreen if you go on a sunny day! 

I will definitely be adding this to the “frequently visited” playground list. It is absolutely worth checking out! 


This about sums it up…

 911 Mountain Road – Suffield CT

Town Website

Hours:  While Bazin N. Bruce Memorial Park is open Sunrise to Sunset, the playground is only available for public use when school is not in session.


  • FREE!
  • Handicapped-accessible in some areas
  • Strollers can be difficult to maneuver in some areas
  • Open playground area – including two play areas for the smaller crowd and the older crowd
  • Swings- no baby swings
  • Padded and Wood Mulch Ground Cover
  • Not easy to escape – good park for the “runners” 
  • Sunny play area- be sure to pack sunscreen!
  • Few Benches throughout the playground
  • Large parking lot with plenty of available spaces
  • Covered pavilion with picnic tables
  • Bathrooms located in park (unconfirmed if there are changing tables) 

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