Bloomfield Boundless Playground at the Alvin & Beatrice Wood Human Services Center

Last week, we did some exploring in Bloomfield and I discovered a very hidden playground at the Alvin & Beatrice Wood Human Services Center.  I’m sure in town that is a well-known place to go; but for us outsiders, it was exciting to find Bloomfield Boundless Playground. This is a really great boundless playground to add to our ever-growing list of options! 

Bloomfield Boundless Playground is located on Park Avenue in Bloomfield, right next the Carmen Arace Intermediate/Middle School and behind the Alvin & Beatrice Wood Human Services Center. The address on the town website points you to 330 Park Avenue. 

But you’ll actually want to turn in the entrance for the middle school, which is the driveway immediately after the Human Services Center.  You’ll see these two signs on opposite sides of the driveway. 

Towards the back of the school, you’ll find an open parking lot. 

You still may not see Bloomfield Boundless Playground, and that’s because its tucked up that little roadway behind the parking lot.  

There is a lot in the upper area near the playground, but it is for handicapped parking only. Otherwise, you’ll need to park in the lower lot and walk up the short roadway. Since we were there during a weekday, after school, the park was empty and we did not have to worry about any cars driving up the road. 

The little walk was delightful honestly; and there was a small stream running nearby that we checked out! 

There is a sign right near the roadway that lists the Bloomfield Boundless Playground’s hours.  These are the standard sunrise to sunset hours. 

As we walked up the path, he was getting more excited at the sight of this playground! 

His first order of business was this cute little blue ride-on horse.  He was sporting his patch that day; he has to wear it every day for two hours (we are trying to correct his astigmatism!) and we like to put it on after school. It did not deter him from climbing and running all over this place! 

Bloomfield Boundless Playground has an open layout, but there are two separate play areas.  One is for the older kids; and one is for the smaller kids. Both playscapes are pretty visible from most areas of the park (there are a few blind spots). The play area is also NOT fenced in, but it is set back from the roadway. During busier times, especially in the summertime, you’ll want to be mindful if you have a little one that tends to run.  

In the center of the playground is a small pavilion that covers a picnic table. There are a number of benches as well so you can take a rest while the kids play! 

Towards the right is the larger play area. This is geared towards ages 5 to 12. The whole play area is set upon padded ground cover. So those inevitable falls and tumbles will have a soft landing. 

There is a ramp that leads into the big playscape, making this playground completely accessible.  

There are also other ways into the play area. Rock walls, ladders and other contraptions are all guaranteed to give mom a little heart attack.  He’s getting way to confident in his rock climbing skills! I guess that’s a good thing; except I hover and freak out on the inside that he’s going to fall! 

Throughout the large playscape, they have small activities along the pathway. This makes things interesting as they are running through! 

And of course, what goes up must come down. There are two slides that branch off of this playscape. Neither are too intense, which is good! 

Additionally there are a number of monkey bars, ropes to climb and a zip line for the older kids. 

Back towards the center of the playground you’ll find this Sway Fun Accessible Glider. I honestly have never tried one of these out. We’ll have to try it next time! 

Towards the left of the glider is the smaller playscape. This one is designed for ages 2 to 5. It also has a small playhouse next to it. 

The smaller playscape actually had a lot of the same features as the large playscape including interesting things to climb and two slides, just at a smaller and easier scale. It also had a tunnel.  I have to say, the ABC ladder was adorable!! 

He had a great time in the play house too! It had a little table inside. He asked me to sit down with him; but I did not see that ending well. So I watched from the outside! 

Over by the small playscape, there was a seesaw. He could have used a playmate at this point! One sided see-saws are never quite as fun. 

Of course, no playground is complete with swings! There were two separate swing sets. Two baby swings were found on one side; and an accessible swing was found on the other. 

I spotted a bathroom towards the back of the playground. For ha-ha’s, I looked to see if it was unlocked. It was not. 

After we spent a good hour at the Bloomfield Boundless Playground, we headed out. I did take a peak over at the Bloomfield Municipal pool and noticed that there were two outdoor pools. Of course, since it’s September these were closed for the season. 

We had a really fun time exploring the Bloomfield Boundless Playground! I’d definitely like to check it out when there are other little friends there so my son can ride the see-saw with someone else. Since it’s on our way to school, I think we’ll add this to one of our regular stops. This is a great little gem tucked away in Bloomfield. Local residents are really lucky to have such a beautiful, clean park available to them.  For outsiders (like us), this is a great option worth checking out, especially if you tack on a visit to Bloom Hill Farm, like we did! 

This about sums it up…

330 Park Avenue – Bloomfield, CT

Town Website

Hours: Open Daily  – Dawn to Dusk


  • FREE!
  • Stroller and wheelchair accessible
  • Boundless playground – open design including two play areas for the smaller crowd and the older crowd
  • Swings- including baby swings and accessible swing
  • Rubber Ground Cover 
  • Not fenced in – but set back from roadway
  • Many benches throughout the playground 
  • Large parking lot with plenty of available spaces located down a short walkway; there is handicapped parking next to the playground
  • Bathroom facilities onsite but may or may not be unlocked
  • Small stream nearby and open fields to play in 
  • Seasonal municipal pool located in the same area as playground

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