Brown’s Harvest

The weather this past week is making it hard to remember that it’s actually Fall now. Because nothing says autumn like 92 degree record-breaking humid temperatures. 

But I need it to feel like fall; and so off to the corn fields and farm we went on Saturday, despite the ridiculously hot temperatures! 

This past weekend, Brown’s Harvest was celebrating their 40th anniversary of offering corn mazes and hayrides with a great Touch-a-Truck event and some family fun on the farm!  Trucks, on a farm – sounded like the perfect event for my three year old! 

We had actually never visited Brown’s Harvest before but I had been driving by it a lot lately on our way home from school.  If you have never been, it’s actually quite easy to get to. The farm is located on Rte. 75 in Windsor. The most direct route is straight off of Rte 20 (that’s the Bradley Airport Connector).  

Brown’s Harvest is located right at a fork in the road (Rte 75 and Rainbow Road).  

The parking lot entrance is on Rainbow Road – and it’s marked by another big sign.

Since we were there for a popular event, the parking lot was pretty full. They had someone directing the cars and we ended up in the first row. Honestly though, even with all the cars, the lot is not that huge so you won’t have to walk far if you need to go back to your car.  The lot is dirt and grass (it’s a farm, remember). 

They have a few signs marking the entrance, in case you get lost. 

This little red barn will be your first stop to pay for your admission into Brown’s Harvest and receive your bracelet. 

There are a few admission packages offered depending on which activities you choose to do.  If you are just there to grab some pumpkins and  to visit the farm store, that is free. However, if you want to try out the 6 acre maze, the admission is $12 per person, ages 9+ or $8 for children ages 3 to 8 (under 3 is free).  If you are not up to the big corn maze, and just want to play with the kids in the Kids Corn Maze Area, the admission is $8 for everyone ages 3 and up (kids under 3 are free).  All passes include weekend hayrides and B barn activities. 

Depending on which package you choose, you’ll be given a wristband in a certain color. The admission our visit on Saturday was slightly different since it was a Touch-a-Truck event, and we opted to try out the big corn maze. 

Like I mentioned, the first area after the ticket booth does not require a wristband.  Here you’ll find the farm store and lots of pumpkins. Today they also had a face painter and Alex’s lemonade stand. 

The farm store had cider donuts, cider, jams, syrups, frozen treats and more for sale.  If you are buying pumpkins, this is where you’ll check out.  

Speaking of pumpkins, there are a lot for sale. They had TONS of pumpkins displayed in this area. 

Wagons were also available to help you out! 

Also near the farm store is a small shack selling even more food.  They had hot and cold cider, pies, popcorn, soda, hot dogs, and our favorite, cider donuts. 

Of course, we had to buy some… two bags in fact. What? They were good! 

In this same area, you’ll find some great photo ops.  Of course, being the nice mommy that I am, I had to force my child to sit for these cute photos. Thankfully I had my good camera with me today so I could snap the shot before he screamed NO at me.  

Worth noting, in this area you’ll also find bathrooms, which are actually port-a-potties. My child had his first port-a-potty experience that day! It’s a whole new world when they are out of diapers! If you do have a little one in diapers, make sure to pack a blanket to change them on the ground or plan to head back to your car as needed. 

To continue on throughout the farm, you’ll need a wristband at this point. There are people stationed at these checkpoints, and you’ll see signs too. 

The next area at Brown’s Harvest has a few things going on. There is the kid’s play area with a smaller corn maze; and you’ll also find other activities including corn hole, duck racing, more photo ops, more pumpkins and a few other activities. 

The duck race game was extremely popular and it was constantly crowded with kids racing rubber duckies.  It involved pumping an old water pump to push water along the drains so the duck would “swim” along.  

They had the rubber ducks for sale in the store.  Since it was busy with so many kids today, there were a lot of ducks floating and racing for the kids to share. 

The loading area for the hayrides was also located in this area. Since today was a special event, the hayrides were not running.  However, they do run every weekend and are included in your admission. 

The last thing in this area is, of course, the kids’ play area.  

The kids’ play area was for ages 3 to 8.  They asked that parents stay with their children and to keep the wagons out of this area.  

There was a mini corn maze- much more manageable for little ones. 

There were a ton of things to climb up and slide down! 

Oh my gosh, he wanted a Popsicle at one point during our visit. I apologize now for the red drops left EVERYWHERE. He was a hot mess. 

The big hit for this child in the kids’ area were these playhouses. He loved the windows that opened and closed! BOO! 

There is still a lot more to do at Brown’s Harvest; and it doesn’t just end at the Kids’ Play Area.  There is another huge open area with even more activities. A wristband is required for this area too. 

If you want a pumpkin and you didn’t find one so far (which seems hard to imagine since there are SO many pumpkins), you can pick through even more piles in this area. 

He found his perfect pumpkin! 

There are also more things for the kids to play with and on; including a ring toss game, tires to climb through and a tire swing. 

The B barn also has activities for the kids.  This is a “wristband required” area and is included with all admission packages. 

In the barn, children under 10 must be with an adult, you must stay in the designated areas, rough housing is not allowed and you must only climb on the hay piles. 

Inside there were slides and tunnels going through the hay piles. It was pretty cool! 

There were also two big corn pits.  These are always a hit with my child. And a trap for us. It’s impossible to get him out of the corn pit without a meltdown… which he delivered.  Fortunately there was still a lot more to do and see, so we distracted him pretty easily.  

Next to the B barn, you’ll find Grandfather’s Sacred Spiral Medicine Wheel.   This labyrinth was amazing, and my son LOVED it.  He kept trying to cheat his way and climb over the hay, but we kept him in the circle and he made it all the way to the center.  It was actually a lot of walking. And as they say on the sign, you’ll want to wear shoes and be respectful while you walk through. I sat on the sidelines as he and daddy made their way through. 

He was so excited when he reached the center! 

Even after all those activities, we still had the Brown’s Harvest Corn Maze to conquer! 

Make sure you grab a map or take a picture of the map with your phone! They also have a video that talks about the maze that you can watch first. 

The maze rules are pretty standard: stay on the path, don’t cut between the cornstalks, don’t remove the corn, no littering and enjoy! Also, if your kids are under the age of 10, they must stay with you! 

Thanks to teenage year slumber parties, corn mazes give me the creeps (anyone ever watch Children of the Corn? No? Don’t).   There were a lot of cornstalks… 

Yet here I was, following these two crazy boys. 

 I was happy when we reached the outpost so we could figure out where the heck we were.  

We did not walk the whole maze. We actually turned back early on because (1) I was getting creeped out and (2) someone needed a potty break (okay two of us did – he’s three though and I have a bladder the size of a Dixie cup).  Somehow though the walk back took longer… probably because we let this one lead us home. 

Of course, if you recall, we were there for the Annual Touch-a-Truck event, so I have to mention these awesome trucks. I have to be honest, this was one of the BEST touch-a-truck events I had ever been to!! The vehicles they had on their farm were incredible! 

School buses are always a hit, especially when you get to open and close the doors! 

He loved the digger (a.k.a. Scoop, any other Bob the Builder fans?). 

No touch-a-truck event is complete without a firetruck. And they had a few kinds. A new one… 

And old one… 

And this beast from Bradley Airport! 

My personal favorite was this huge armored police tank! Check this thing out! It was amazing! And I hope to never see it in action! 

Of course, the highlight of the touch-a-truck event at Brown’s Harvest was this crane! It required a step ladder just to reach the seat; and the line was long and full of waiting children, but it was worth it! What an awesome opportunity for any little boy or girl! 

We had a really great time at Brown’s Harvest! I was super excited to check off a number of things on our yearly to-do list. It was our first touch-a-truck event of the year (we missed all the early summer ones), we got to do a corn maze, we had cider donuts AND we picked out a pumpkin.  

This is definitely a one-stop spot for all your favorite fall activities! Make sure you add Brown’s Harvest to your October to-do list! We will definitely be making this an annual family outing- especially if they continue to host this amazing touch-a-truck event! 

This about sums it up…

1911 Poquonock Avenue – Windsor, Connecticut


Hours:    For 2017, the farm will be open daily from September 23 through October 31.  The hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Hayrides are only offered on weekends (and Columbus Day) or by appointment during the week.

Cost:        Price of admission for the 6-acre corn maze is $12 per person ages 9 and up, and $8 per person ages 8 and under.

Price of admission for the kids play area only is $8 per person ages 3 and up.

Children under 3 are free. 


  • Strollers can be used; but this is a farm so it may be bumpy in areas! 
  • Large parking lot with plenty of available spaces 
  • Port a potties
  • Cash and Credit
  • Food for purchase – including their delicious homemade cider donuts!
  • Wear comfortable shoes for walking and since you are on a farm!
  • Hayride, Corn Maze, barn activities and plenty of outdoor fun! 
  • Pumpkins for sale (priced by pound)


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