Flight Fit N Fun

It’s February. It’s been snowy and cold. And now is the time to discover new indoor spots  – which is what we did a few weeks ago! 

It seems like forever since we did a review on an indoor play center and we decided to check out a popular (slightly newer) spot in Manchester, Flight Fit N Fun.  That name may confuse you since the place was called Jump Off (and they have not changed their signs yet either). However, I can assure you this is now Flight Fit N Fun. 

Flight Fit N Fun is located right on Spencer Street, just down the road from Shoprite. It’s easy to get from 384. 

Flight Fit N Fun is pretty much open every day for open jump with a few special events spattered throughout the week.  We headed over on a Wednesday afternoon and they were not too busy.  However, as we were leaving, a busload of kids came in! So how busy they are can all vary with the time of day! 

When you first enter, the first order of business will be to complete their waiver. This is standard with any trampoline and indoor play park.  If you planned ahead, you can complete these forms on their website. Since we showed up on a whim, I had to take the time to complete the waiver. It’s pretty simple and takes just a couple of minutes. 

Once you have completed the waiver, you can head to the front counter to check-in.  

As I mentioned, they offer open play during most of the week.  The rates for jumpers over the age of 4 is $16 for the first hour, $21 for two hours and $24 for three hours. Children under 3 jump for a reduced rate of $10 for the first hour, $15 for two hours and $20 for three hours. Anyone jumping has to pay admission, including parents. I learned after the fact that you can enter as a spectator for free (that means no jumping!). You still have to sign a waiver, but you do not have to pay admission. 

 They also have Kids Flight on Mondays through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., for children ages 3 and under to jump for just $10 per hour (one parent is free). There are additional discounts offered at Tuesday Night Open Jump, Family Night and more.  You can also score Groupon deals every now and then for more savings.  

Special grippy socks are required.  And you have to use theirs! If it’s your first visit, you can buy the socks when you check in. They cost $2.50 per pair.  Everyone jumping must wear these socks. Once you buy them, they are yours to keep and you can use them every time you come back (so make sure you remember them)!

We also rented a locker which came in handy for storing my purse. If you don’t come in with much, you can skip the locker and just set your things on a table or use one of the cubbies towards the bathrooms.

Once you’re situated and your socks are on (and shoes are off), you can head into the trampoline area! First though, read those rules. There are a lot of them and they are important!

He could barely contain himself! 

Right away, you’ll see the trampolines. They have a pretty large open area with tons of jumping squares. Surprisingly, he did a few jumps and was over the trampolines pretty quickly! 

He also bypassed this (dodgeball court)….

And this (basketball)… 

And this (toddler zone)… 

Instead, he spent the majority of his time in the foam pit.  The foam pit area was pretty awesome, I’ll admit. I will also admit that I will never enter one again. Do you know how hard it is to get out of one of those? Without losing your socks? 

They had a ton of things to do in the foam pit area including a tightrope, balance beam, climbing ladder, and rock wall.  The balance beam also worked as a jousting area – we did not joust but we saw some older kids having a grand old-time hitting each other with foam sticks.

The best part of the foam pit was the trampoline jump. He kept busy with that fun activity for a while!  

Back towards the trampolines, you’ll find an obstacle course (American Ninja Style). This is definitely for the older kids – and my boy completely bypassed it.  It did look really fun though! Maybe in a couple more years once he builds up that arm strength! 

Also over in this corner is a huge jumping bag (it’s like a huge pillow). I kind of wanted to jump on there with him but I was afraid I’d never get out! It looks like it wants to swallow you whole!! 

While I was impressed with their foam area and ninja style obstacle course, what really set Flight Fit N Fun apart from most other trampoline parks was the Kids Zone. 

Kids Zone is for little ones only – no big kids are allowed. And that means us adults too.  The area is restricted to kids 4 1/2 feet or shorter. Parents can enter the area but they cannot go above the first level of the playground. 

Because of that restriction, my pictures are limited to what I could reach. There is a lot more going on in the back and upper levels! From what I could see there are several things to climb, lots of slides, fun tubes to sneak through, a ball pit and tons of spots to hide. Trust me, he hid a lot and half the time I had no idea where he was. Thankfully, there was only one way in and out, so I wasn’t too worried about losing him. 

There was also an area exclusively for toddlers. My child still doesn’t realize that he has outgrown these spaces. It is an area only for children ages 3 and under, with lots of soft play and even a mild slide. It’s a great area for little ones to play safely.  It was empty while we were there – so if you have little ones, this would be a perfect for them to roam around while their bigger siblings go wild in the rest of the park.

We played for our hour and surprisingly, he was okay with stopping. However, that is because he thought I would let him play the race car game. Not so much, buddy.  They do have a pretty impressive arcade area!

If you do decide to play in their arcade, you can purchase a game card at the arcade kiosk right next to the games.

If all that jumping makes you hungry, they also have food for sale.  We ended up buying a much-needed bottle of water but they also have snacks, like chips and candy, or you can even get nachos, pizza and wings.  There are drinks as well including ICEE’s and soda.

Overall, I was impressed with Flight Fit N Fun. Since it is newer, it still feels pretty clean in there. The variety of activities was awesome – you’re not just stuck with trampolines, you can also have fun on the ninja style obstacle course or in the foam pit.  And the kids will love the play zone. Heck, I loved the play zone! 

With the winter we are having, you will definitely want to add Flight Fit N Fun to your list of things to do with the kids on a cold weekend, or after school, or even on a snow day (if you can get out of the house)!

This about sums it up…

145 Spencer Street – Manchester, Connecticut


Hours: Vary by day with special events and open jump – see their website for a complete list of hours and events

Cost:     Prices vary depending on special event or open play – see their website.  Socks are $2.50 a pair.


  • Trampoline park with large open jump area
  • Toddler Jump Area
  • Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
  • Foam Pit
  • Dodgeball Court & Basketball Area
  • Play Zone for children under 4 1/2 feet; as well as a baby only area
  • Flight socks only in the play area
  • Parents must supervise at all times
  • Arcade available at extra cost
  • Food for sale with large seating area
  • No food or drinks in play area
  • Seating available for parents and spectators
  • Lockers can be rented
  • Bathroom with changing table available
  • Front door opens directly to parking lot – be mindful!
  • Birthday Party Packages available

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