Molly’s Playground at Greenwood Park

Just over the border in Longmeadow is a super cute playground, called Molly’s Playground in Greenwood Park, that is nestled in the shade. We first checked this playground out with my boy’s playgroup, and I fell in love. 

On the day we visited, I totally forgot the address for Greenwood Park, and since we had only been 2 times before, I did not know how to get there. So we drove around the streets of Longmeadow, probably looking sketchy while mommy slowed down and backed up through residential neighborhoods. But I finally found it! And when I realized just what street it was on, I realized how easy it is to find… 


 Greenwood Park is located on Maple Road in Longmeadow next to one of the town’s swimming pools and many athletic fields. There’s even a big sign so you can’t miss it. 

The parking lot is rather large and has many spaces available. Even on busy days, you can always find a spot. There is a short walkway to the playground. 

The playground is dedicated to Molly Marie McEvoy, and has a special entrance that is quite notable. In fact, many people often refer to it as the “rainbow playground”. 

The playground at  Greenwood Park has two separate play areas, for the little ones and for the bigger kids. There are few playgrounds that have “fun” toddler areas, usually they are just as nerve-wrecking as the big kid area or they’re boring.  Not Molly’s. My child actually stays in the little kid section most of the time, which makes me stress less because the big kid section is pretty daring!

 The playscape for the little kids has three fun slides, a shaking bridge and a tunnel. It also has lots of stairs to climb and a few other easier climbing structures. 

Mollys Playground -Small Playscape Slide

Mollys Playground -Small Playscape Slide

Of course, we must go head first… 

 We love shake shake bridges!

Mollys Playground -Small Playscape Bridge

And tunnels!! 

 Also near the smaller playscape are a few free-standing riding toys, including this awesome blue car! 

Mollys Playground -Ride On Toys

The large playscape has many of the same features as the smaller playscape, except it’s a bit more challenging and daring! It includes a larger, steeper tunnel; several winding, taller slides; and more challenging climbing structures. 

The entrance ramp leads to a covered gazebo and access to the tunnel. 

There are several different ways to get into this playscape, including this staircase, as well as monkey bars and a few other crazy ladders. 

 There is a ramp to run across as well!

 The big playscape has FIVE slides!


The two outer slides made me nervous, since he has a tendency to lean over … so I managed to get him to go down the middle one! 


 There are two swingsets on the playground, one with all baby swings and another with regular swings. There are no accessible swings at this park. 

There are numerous benches and picnic tables throughout the playground, perfect for a rest or even for a picnic! 


A few things worth noting: the entire playground is set upon mulch, save for a few pathways of brick or asphalt.  It can be challenging to move around with a stroller but it can be done. 

Also, this is an easy to escape playground. If you have a runner (like I do), they can make mad dashes into the playing fields, the woods and down towards the swimming pool. The pool is fenced at least. However, I would imagine when there are baseball games going on, you won’t want your child running into the field. 

The playground at  Greenwood Park is well shaded. We have gone both in the late morning and the early evening and found it to be not too sunny at all. I love not worrying about sunburns! 

Overall, Molly’s Playground at Greenwood Park is fabulous. It is clean and well-maintained. It is also not too overcrowded most the time. I love that the smaller playscape is very safe to use, with few areas where a child can fall. Even the larger playscape is well designed in that same way. Definitely a playground to add to your must visit list! 

This about sums it up…

231 Maple Rd – Longmeadow, MA

Town Website

Hours:  Sunrise to Sunset


  • FREE!
  • Handicapped-accessible in some areas
  • Strollers can be difficult to maneuver in some areas
  • Open playground area – including two play areas for the smaller crowd and the older crowd
  • Swings- including baby swings
  • Brick and Wood Mulch Ground Cover
  • Easy to escape, especially towards the fields or the woods
  • Shady play area
  • Many benches and picnic tables throughout the playground
  • Large parking lot with plenty of available spaces

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