The 4th Annual 2Moms on a Mission Enfield Egg Hunt

I grew up in a pretty big city in Massachusetts. And when it comes to big cities, you tend to get lost in the crowd. There are usually no special events on the “town green”. Heck, I don’t think my hometown had a town green. 

So, now I live in a suburb in Connecticut. We’re not one of those quiet, little towns where you can stroll down Main Street with your ice cream cone, while walking the dog and saying hi to everyone by name. No, we’re not quite that small. But we still are trying to hold onto some of those small town sentiments. We have clean ups by the river, outdoor book sales at the public library, and egg hunts on the Town Green. 

Yes, my boy is going to grow up having hunted for Easter eggs on the Town Green. It’s so Leave it to Beaver.  

And I love it. 

Our town is really lucky to have an incredible non-profit organization based out of it, called 2Moms on a Mission. And basically, their name says it all. They are two moms (well they are more like a tribe) who come together to fund-raise for different charities and people in need. Together with the Town of Enfield Public Schools, one of their ways of giving back to the people of Enfield is by hosting their annual Egg Hunt on the Town Green. 

This year they put on their 4th Annual Egg Hunt on April 23, 2017. And while the original date did get rained out, they still made sure it happened; even if it was a week after Easter. Working with the Enfield Public Schools, and several generous sponsors including Stop & Shop, Enfield Pediatric Dentistry,  FM Productions, Bartholomew Electric, A Salon and Kids Kare Day Care, they put together a really incredible event! 

The egg hunt is very popular and draws some big crowds! They kept things running smoothly though by having the kids hunt by age groups. Each group had about fifteen minutes to collect 5,000 eggs. Yes, 5,000 eggs. For each group. There were 20,000 eggs released onto the field over the course of an hour!! 

In case you’re wondering, 20,000 eggs is a WHOLE lot of eggs. 

My boy was part of the 0 to 2 group. They allowed parents out on the field for this group, as well as the age 3 to 5 group. 

Once they let them lose, those kids (and the parents)  had fun!

My boy was too funny. He’d pick up like only one egg among a group of like 20 eggs, but he’d leave the rest and move on to the next cluster. 

And he had to open each egg as he found them, of course. We were trying to explain to him to just pick up the eggs but he really only cared about opening them all up! 

Each child was initially told to grab a dozen eggs , but since there were so many eggs, they let everyone grab more! He got about 18! What a lucky boy! 

The two groups of older kids (ages 6 and up) were left to battle it out on their own! And boy did they go after those eggs! Glad I wasn’t caught in the middle of that! 

After our egg hunting time slot, we took some time to explore the rest of the event. They had a few vendor tents set up, along with sponsor tents. 

We made sure to grab our free toothbrush from Enfield Pediatric Dentistry! Definitely need one of those after all that Easter candy! 

And my husband was happy to see that Jeff’s Kettle Corn was there- we may have already finished off that bag of cheddar popcorn… 

One of the highlights this year was a special visit from some lovely princesses. Disney Princesses to be exact!

He really like Ariel… and may have tried to steal her Flounder.

But for some reason, he was very bashful with Elsa and Anna. 

As always, this event was phenomenal! Things are so organized, and it guarantees a great time! Everyone gets a fair share at the eggs, there are great prizes to be won, some awesome freebies from the vendors, contests, music, and photo opportunities! And this little guy always leaves happy! 

I am really grateful to the 2Moms on a Mission organization for putting this incredible event on! We hope this tradition can continue in our little town, because every kid should have the chance to hunt for eggs on their Town Green!! 

This about sums it up…


Enfield Green, 820 Enfield Street  –   Enfield, CT 


April 23, 2017 (usually the event is held before Easter, but this year it was bumped to the weekend after due to rain)


Free for children and adults (thanks to generous sponsors!) 


  • Stroller Friendly (for the most part, it can be tough to manuever on the lawn)
  • Parking is available at the Town Hall-  but we like to park across the street at the bank and a lot of people park in the surrounding area
  • Port a potties only- no changing tables
  • The event is free- however some vendor tents do have goods for sale
  • Bring your camera! Lots of photo opportunities! 
  • Bring drinks and snacks for yourself and the kids
  • We had a sunny day- make sure to pack a hat and sunscreen







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