The Enfield Public Library

I’ve always been, what some consider, a library nerd. I remember in high school, during summer vacation, my mom would drop me off at the library and I would spend all morning there: perusing the books, getting a head start on my reading for History, or just reading random books and encyclopedias. I loved the quietness of the library, the smell of the old books and the comfort of the chairs that seemed to swallow you whole while you disappeared to a far off place. 

As a parent, I love taking my child to the library. I love that he’s growing up with the library as part of his life. Storytimes are just part of his routine. Borrowing books and reading them at bedtime is just a normal part of his life. He finds comfort in the train table and toys at our hometown’s library, he gets excited when he walks through the doors and runs for the children’s section, he climbs up to say Hi to the library’s fish, and he loves his librarians. 

We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful library here in Enfield. There is something so comforting about your hometown’s library. But the Enfield Public Library is just comfortable no matter where you are from. Even from the first visit, I always felt welcome there. I’ve traveled and checked out many libraries in my life, and the Enfield Public Library will always be the best. 

The Enfield Public Library is located on Middle Road, next to the Eli Whitney Elementary School. Right on the library grounds, you’ll also find the popular Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground.  



The parking lot is large. You can park either along the side of the library and head in the main entrance. Or you can park in the larger back lot and enter through the back door. We tend to use the main entrance. 



When you enter the main entrance, the circulation desk is right in front of you. To your right is the adult section. There are lots of books to peruse, including new releases. They also have movies for rent, computers to use, and lots of magazines and newspapers. 


To the left past the circulation desk is the Children’s section


The children’s section has a lot of books to choose from: picture books, early reading books, young adult books. There is a section for older kids to work quietly on their homework. There are also computers for younger kids to play educational games. There are tables for young kids to sit at and work on their homework, read or do other activities. And of course, there is a fun play area for the little kids. 6-1


We love the play area – especially  the train table.




There is also a stage for kids to pretend play on and even use puppets. 


There are plenty of places to just sit and read a book too!




The Enfield Public Library also offers a number of great services for families and children. They hold  storytime on a regular basis. There is a rhyme time every Monday at 10:30 a.m. for babies 6 months to 24 months- that is basically held all year-long except holidays. They also have storytime for older kids; each session varies by age. These are by registration in the library only. Make sure to regularly check their calendar on the town website. We have been going to story time since about 8 months. We love rhyme time! 


Oh, singing and dancing is just exhausting! 


The Enfield Public Library also hosts a number of events throughout the year for kids and families, including movie nights, family bingo and Lego playtime on a regular basis, Festival of Trees at Christmas, Vehicle Day in the summer (watch for that future post!). They also have evening rhyme time once a month and special musical guests in place of Monday’s rhyme time. They offer a great variety of events! 

The Enfield Public Library also has an incredible museum pass program. This is available to residents of Enfield and non-residents. They have a full list on their  website, but some museums included  are Forest Park Zoo, New Britain Museum of Art and The Children’s Museum in West Hartford. The passes provide you with either free or reduced admission, and are an absolute must if you are going on an excursion.  Who doesn’t like saving money? 

This is a great library. Not just because it’s my home library but it really is a wonderful place. The events are amazing, the variety of books to borrow and toys for play are great, and the librarians are the best (especially the children’s librarians). If you are a local, you should have already been here by now (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?). If you live out-of-town, this is worth the trip, especially if you can attend an event. 

And after you’ve attended a storytime, played with the train table and checked out some books, make sure to stop by the playground afterwards! 

Enfield Rotary - Large Playscape Full View

This about sums it up…


104 Middle Road –  Enfield, Connecticut 

Phone:  (860) 763-7510



The library is open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 9 pm, and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm. Please check the library’s website for its holiday schedule. 


  • FREE!
  • Stroller Friendly!
  • Large parking lot with plenty of available spaces
  • Two restrooms – including a family restroom with a changing table
  • Storytimes and special events held often, check the library’s calendar for dates
  • Museum Pass Program is available for residents and non-residents 

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