The Playgrounds of Enfield

If there is one thing Enfield, Connecticut does well, it’s playgrounds. My mother-in-law is always commenting how great this town is when it comes to that, and she is right!

Everyone seems to know all about the the playground at the Enfield Public Library, which is pretty spectacular; but did you know there are many smaller playgrounds that pack in just as much fun throughout the town? 

We visited six playgrounds this last month and I’ve put together this guide to help you find them (some of them are really hidden good!). This list does not include the playscapes you’ll find at the elementary schools- so there are even more fun spots to check out once school gets out! The town offers a full list of parks and playgrounds on their website, found here


The Enfield Rotary Accessible Playground (Middle Road)

The ever popular playground at the Enfield Public Library is always a guaranteed fun time! There is a side devoted to the little ones with soft climbing toys and swings, and another side for the older kids with slides, monkey bars and an elaborate spider web to climb.  Bring your lunch and have a picnic at the pavilion too. There is a newly installed walking path that wraps around the library, and makes for a great little walk with the kids. For more details on this playground, see our post from last year! 


Brainerd Park (Brainard Road)

The playground in Brainerd Park located on Brainard Road, in the northern part of Enfield. This is a quiet little playground, a nice escape from the busier playground at the Enfield Public Library. I love that it’s mostly shaded from lots of trees. It’s a small play area but it packs in the fun with swings, two playscapes (one for the bigger kids, and one for the small), and seating for parents. The playscapes have tons of slides, monkey bars and lots more to climb. The park also offers softball fields, as well basketball and volley ball courts. See our post from last year for more details.

Whit Acres Park (Memorial Drive)

Tucked into a quiet neighborhood along the Massachusetts border, this is a great little park for local families. It can be tricky to find and there is no parking lot; but for those living close by, it would make a great place to walk to! If you do drive and visit, there is parking along the street. The playground has the same look as the other parks in town, with two playscapes full of slides, monkey bars and other climbing structures, as well as a swing set.  The park also has a softball field and a basketball. It’s blocked off from the road by a fence, so it makes it a really safe area for your little ones to run around! 


 Green Manor Park (Taylor Road)

Located in the Green Manor section of town (by Scitico Plaza and the Somers border), this park is a great place for the little kids and even your teenagers. It has a playground with two playscapes (one geared the younger kids, the other for older kids), as well as swings including infant swings. There is a large open field behind the playground, and there is also a skateboard park (which is set for a major makeover soon!). There is a parking lot with plenty of spaces, but this is a great place to walk to for local moms and dads.  

Hazardville Playground (Hazard Avenue)

Right on Hazard Avenue, in the Hazardville section of town, you’ll find this fun little playground. There are two playscapes with slides and climbing features, as well as plenty of swings. There is also a pavilion for picnics and a basketball court.  There is no specific parking lot but you can park along School Street. The playground has a fence along the busy Hazard Ave, but it is open along the other sides. This is a nice alternative and not too far from the Enfield Public Library playground. On beautiful days, when the library playground is packed, this is an easy one to scoot over to!  

Wallop School Park (Neelans Road)

Located in the southern end of town near Town Farm Road, this park includes two playscapes, swings and a basketball court. The playground is tucked away in the back of a quiet residential neighborhood that many area families walk to (or bike to); but there is a small parking area, which is separated from the playground by a fence.  The playscapes have the usual slides and climbing structures, as well as many swings. This a great neighborhood playground! 

You’ll notice that most of these playgrounds look basically the same (I think we can say they bought them all from the same manufacturer!) and offer the same perks, but they are great alternatives to the busier library playground. We love our library playground of course, it’s the most exciting of them all! However, if you are looking for a quieter option in your own backyard, and you either didn’t know these existed or you’ve yet to venture out to them, this guide will offer you a few different places to check out! 

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