Smyth’s Ice Cream

I love ice cream, especially soft serve. I’ll take a bowl of soft serve chocolate ice cream any day over a hard ice cream. Don’t get me wrong I love hard ice cream too but soft serve is just the best in my opinion. 

And we are really lucky because we live five minutes away from one of the best ice cream shops dishing out soft serve. 

Enfield is not only home to one of the best homemade ice cream shops in the state, Collins Creamery; but it’s also home to Smyth’s Ice Cream Stand which serves awesome soft serve ice cream, along with hard ice cream and a ton of other delicious frozen treats.  Smyth’s has been feeding Enfield ice cream for 40 years! They are definitely a special part of this town! 

As I’ve mentioned many times, I did not grow up in Connecticut, so I only discovered Smyth’s seven years ago. But they have quickly become a family favorite in this house. In fact, it’s where me and my boy often go on our “ice cream dates”.  

Smyth’s Ice Cream is located near the corner of Palomba Drive and Hazard Avenue, in the plaza next to Key Bank and across from Big Y Foods.  You can park in the front or to the side of the plaza. On busy nights, the lot gets full but there is never an issue finding parking here. 

The order window faces Palomba Drive.  Usually they have one window open; but during busy times they will open both. They move the line very quickly by having a couple people take orders and the rest of the workers scoop the ice cream.  On beautiful summer nights, the line can be pretty long but it always moves fast!  During this visit, there was a steady flow of customers, and we were there at 3 p.m. on a Thursday! Not surprising! 

Their menu includes soft serve, hard ice cream and frozen yogurt.  You can get it in a dish or a cone. You can top it with a dip or jimmies. You can get a sundae or a sandwich or a frozen drink. You can even get a packed quart to take home.  For soft serve, they have the standard vanilla, chocolate and swirl. For the hard ice cream, they have about 20 different flavors, as well as their featured flavor, which changes regularly. 

Also popular on the menu is their Flavor Blasts/Mix-ins. These are kind of like a blizzard. They take a base of soft serve and blend in different candies, cookies or fruit.  My husband is a fan of the Peanut Butter Cup. 

They offer plenty of seating so you can sit outside and enjoy your ice cream. There are picnic tables right next to the building; as well as benches wrapped around the front and side.  

Of course, when it comes to this child, we ALWAYS try to eat there. Sometimes I take it home with us and I totally regret it. He’s a hot mess when it comes to ice cream. And today he HAD to have pink and blue ice cream… in a cone.  Oh, and this was their baby cone! As you can see, it’s pretty big! And he ate it all! (Well, he wore a little bit of it too!) 

Ice cream is a favorite in this house. We are super lucky to have some great local ice cream shops in this town, especially Smyth’s Ice Cream. I foresee this being a family tradition for us for many years to come. Celebrating a win at soccer or a great report card. Who knows, maybe this will be where he takes his first date!  

If you are an Enfield local, this should be a regular stop during the summertime (actually if you are a true local, you’re here when they open in the cold spring all the way until they close in the late fall)!  If you are an ice cream lover that likes venturing throughout the state for new shops, then make sure you check out Smyth’s Ice Cream stand!  You’ll be glad you did! 

This about sums it up…


75 Hazard Avenue – Enfield, Connecticut 



Sunday – Thursday: 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Friday & Saturday: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Open seasonally from March 1 to November 1.


  • Stroller friendly (tight spaces but you can easily move around)
  • Large parking lot with plenty of available spaces
  • No bathrooms
  • Cash or Credit
  • Menu includes soft serve, hard ice cream, frozen yogurt, sundaes, drinks and more. Quarts and ice cream cakes available to go. 

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