Michaels: Kids Club Workshops

Between the cold weather and the cold germs, this winter has been brutal on us, and we have been locked inside much longer than I would have liked. 

A couple weekends ago, we finally had a break from being sick (well, daddy is still sick, but he doesn’t count!) so we took the opportunity to check out a fun arts & craft activity at Michaels in Enfield.

Michaels’ stores (nationwide) offer a full schedule of workshops and classes for adults and children. On Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., they have the Michaels Kids Club craft.  These are simple art projects for little ones, ages 3 and up. There is usually a flat fee which includes all supplies and instructions.  During the month of March and April 2018, they are also offering a second Saturday workshop called MakeBreak.  These are also easy to make crafts/projects for a low  fee.  

Normally, when we visit Michaels, it’s for mommy to shop for craft items that she needs, or more often than not, for some cake decorating supply. I have a Wilton obsession… 

So this is his usual view of the store. 

However, this time we were here for him! And instead of heading off to shop, we went to the workroom.  In our Enfield store, this is located towards the front right of the store. However, the location varies by store so if you are unsure where the workroom is, you can stop by the service desk and ask! 

For the Michaels Kids Club crafts, you can sign up online or in store, or you can just drop in.  We like things that require little commitment, because this child is three. Everything can go wrong in the life of a three year old. Since the MakeBreak crafts were drop-in, and started after lunch, we chose to try that craft.  The MakeBreak craft was a two hour open session and you could stop by at anytime to work on the project. 

For all Michaels Kids Club Crafts, parents are asked to stay with their children or at least stay in the store.  This guys is still little, so I stayed with him while he did the craft. But if you have an older child who can do the craft on their own, this would be a great time to get some shopping done in the store while they worked on their project! 

Our craft today was Easter themed. We were making a Bunny Tail Pot.  This was a slightly more complicated and time consuming project. After talking to one of the Michaels team members, I discovered that normally they do either a paint/decorate project or a craft with the kids. This one entailed BOTH.  

The first step we had to do was pick out our ceramic clay pot.  Once we picked that out, we were told to go to the front and pay for the clay pot. Since the checkout lines were super long, we were allowed to pay for the clay pot after we finished. The clay pot ended up being less than a dollar. The rest of the supplies we needed were provided for free. Not a bad deal! 

Our first order of business was to pick our paint colors and, if we wanted, grab a smock/apron.  

The aprons were on the other side of the crowded table, so I decided to trust this child … with paint. I know, right? 

He actually did pretty good painting his clay pot! 

The other half of the craft involved making a bunny to put in the pot. This portion was slightly more complicated for a three year old, so I ended up taking over the reins here. One step involved cutting out felt pieces. Then, I tried to get him involved in making the pom-poms. 

I ended up losing his interest at this point. The painting portion was over, and the yarn was just not fascinating enough.

Unfortunately, he managed to get his hands on a book … of paper model trains. Normally, I’d say, ‘Eh, what harm is it if he reads a book while I finish the project?’ Oh no, he didn’t just read the book. He popped out the pieces of trains from the first 4 or so pages. 

So, my 77 cent craft turned into a $21 bill since I got to buy a train book that my child destroyed. In a matter of minutes. Mom-Fail. 

 At that point, since I knew I was out $20 bucks, I just let him have at the book while I worked on the bunny that I was already vested in. I stay committed to my projects! 

Part of the craft did involve the help of a Michaels staff member, who worked with the hot glue gun to put together our rabbits (including ears, eyes, nose, tails and feet)! 

Voila! The end result of my (I mean my child’s) hard work!

 He was pretty proud in the end of his Michaels MakeBreak Craft! 

In my honest opinion, my three year old is a little young for the “ages 3 and up” crafts.  His attention span is not quite there yet. I think if this had just been a paint project, we would have been golden. But when the craft got slightly complicated, he was done.  I noticed there were other kids around his age and some were totally into it; while a few others had parents that had the same look on their face as me.  

I think the Michaels Kids Club Crafts are amazing though, and considering the prices, it’s definitely worth trying it out. It’s a great way to introduce your child to arts & crafts.  I am planning to do this again – probably with a craft that’s more suited for his age (and attention span) – or maybe we’ll try again in the fall, after he turns 4.  And since they have their Kids Club Craft Schedule online, I’ll do a little more research before we head back out! 

At the very least, whenever we do go back, I’ll make sure he doesn’t get his hands on a train book again. 

This about sums it up…

25 Hazard Avenue – Enfield, Connecticut



Michaels Kids Club Crafts are held every Saturday, nationwide, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

Visit their  websitefor special events including school vacation workshops. 


  • Michaels Kids Club Crafts are available either by sign up (instore or online) or drop in, and are held every Saturday morning at Michaels stores nationwide. 
  • Prices vary by craft – Michaels Kids Club Crafts are available for as low as $2 per child. For special workshops, make sure to check online to find out what the cost may be. 
  • Family friendly  – most workshops are intended for ages 3 and up but parent participation is encouraged!
  • Cash, check and credit card accepted
  • Birthday Party Workshops are Available
  • Parking lot 
  • Restrooms Available


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