This Connecticut Mom’s Playground Guide

It’s the first day of Spring! And we have Spring Fever in this house!

Who else is so over Winter and ready for those beautiful spring days where you just want to be outside? We’re saying goodbye to the snow and hello warm weather with our new Playground Guide!

Nothing says spring like the playground! And we’ve been to our fair share over these past two years. Here’s a list of the ones we’ve checked out so far.  I’ve organized these by state (Connecticut and Massachusetts) and then by town.

And we are ready to add to the list – make sure to leave a comment letting us know what playgrounds we need to check out this spring! We’re ready to discover more!



Tucked behind the town’s community center, you’ll find a great little playground! There are two separate play areas- one for the bigger kids and another for the littles. This is a boundless playground and everyone can play here. There is also a covered pavilion and lots of swings!  Right next door is the town’s community swimming pool.

 Features: Accessible, Separate Play Areas, Padded Ground Cover, Covered Pavilion, Community Swimming Pool, Bathrooms


The playground at the Colchester RecPlex offers two playscapes: one for the smaller visitors and one for the big kids. But the whole place is great for all ages. There are slides, monkey bars, zip line, swings, and lots of things to climb! Additionally, in the back of the park, you’ll find another playground for the really big kids.  There is a covered pavilion on site, as well as a great splash pad!

 Features: Separate Play Areas, Covered Pavilion, Splash Pad, Bathrooms


This playground features a number of playscapes for different ages, as well as swings, a huge climbing structure, a sandbox and more. It is located near a covered pavilion as well as fields.  While it is not fenced in, it is set back from the road and separated from the parking lot by a small brook.  It’s in full sun so make sure you come prepared!

Features: Separate Play Areas, Sandbox, Covered Pavilion, Bathrooms


This smaller neighborhood playground is set in a shady area of the park and is a great alternative for local residents. There are two small playscapes with slides and climbing structures, as well as a swing set. 

 Features: Quiet neighborhood playground, Shaded 

This is the place to be if you are a parent in Enfield. This impressive playground has two separate areas of play: one area has soft climbing toys for the little ones as well as a swing set and musical instruments; the other area is a huge playscape with an elaborate climbing web, slides, monkey bars, swings and more. There is a covered pavilion and walking trails on site. The playground is located right next to the Enfield Public Library.

Features: Accessible, Separate Play Areas, Padded Ground Cover, Covered Pavilion, Bathrooms (in library)


For more neighborhood playground options in Enfield, check out our Playgrounds of Enfield guide.


This brand new playground opened in the summer of 2017 and it is an amazing place! There are two playscapes, a sensory garden, swings, a zip line, tons of climbing structures, a huge field to run in, a brook located near the back of the park, and much more. It is in full sun so make sure you pack sunscreen!

Features: Separate Play Areas, Padded Ground Cover, Sensory Area, Bathrooms

The playground in Northwest Park is located in a shady area near a covered pavilion, a butterfly garden, hiking trails and access to the pond.  The play area itself has two great playscapes, a sand pit, swings, climbing structures, riding toys and more.  There are picnic tables throughout the park.  The play area has some shade but is mostly in full sun so pack that hat!

Features: Accessible, Separate Play Areas, Padded Ground Cover, Sand Pit, Covered Pavilion, Hiking Trails, Partly Shaded, Bathrooms

New Hartford

If you’re up for a drive to Litchfield County, Brodie Park is a great reason to head out that way! This playground is completely fenced in and features two huge playscapes, monkey bars, swings, riding toys, a sandbox, and more. There is a shaded area with picnic tables.  Some of the playground is in the sun so make sure to bring sunscreen.

 Features: Completely Fenced In, Separate Play Areas, Sand Pit, Shaded Areas, Picnic Area

South Windsor

One of the most popular in the area, this impressive playground boasts two levels of fun including a smaller play structure for the little kids, a larger play structure for the big kids, two roller slides, swing sets on the upper and lower levels, a sensory music garden, a sand pit, a covered pavilion and more.  For the most part, this playground is in full sun.  It is also not fenced in but it’s set far enough from the parking lot.

Features: Separate Play Areas, Sensory Music Garden, Padded Ground Cover, Sand Pit, Covered Pavilion


This is a small playground tucked away on the grounds of Rye Street Park, which is home to some of the town’s athletic fields. While not a destination playground, this is a great option for local parents. It’s small but it is definitely fun for the littler crowd. The play structures are milder with easy to climb stairs and ladders, and much gentler slides. This is a shady playground and there are benches for the parents to sit back and relax.

 Features: Quiet Neighborhood Playground, Shaded, Bathrooms


Another very popular destination in northern Connecticut, this boundless playground has two playscapes, merry-go-rounds, swings, a large sand area, rock walls and more. There is a covered pavilion near the front entrance. The playground is located on a busy road and is not fully fenced in, but it’s set back enough that you are pretty safe.  It is also in full sun. 

Features: Accessible, Separate Play Areas, Padded Ground Cover, Sand Pit, Rock Walls, Covered Pavilion, Bathrooms


This playground is actually part of the Spaulding Elementary School grounds but it is open for public use outside of school hours – so make sure to visit either during the summer, school breaks or after 3 p.m.  The playground has two play structures with a ton of slides! I think they have the most slides of any playground we’ve ever visited.  There are two swingsets, a sand pit, merry go round and more.  There are benches located throughout. It’s in full sun, and it is not fenced in (the parking lot is also close by) so make sure to plan for both of those things!

 Features: Accessible, Separate Play Areas, Sand Pit


Another newer playground in the area, this is a great place for the littles to play! It features an amazing playscape with a huge tower to climb and slide down from.  There is a sensory music area, climbing toys, swings, and loads more! The playground is also completely fenced in!  It is located in full sun, so make sure you pack a hat!

Features: Accessible, Completely Fenced-in, Padded Ground Cover, Sensory Play Area, Covered Pavilion, Bathrooms

West Hartford

Newly opened in the Fall of 2017, this playground is a boundless playground with a beautiful history. It features a huge playscape, swings, ziplines, basketball court, a sensory music area, and much much more. The playground is also completely fenced in! This is a must-visit playground!!

 Features: Accessible, Completely Fenced-in, Padded Ground Cover, Sensory Music Area, Basketball, Zipline, Partly Shaded



East Longmeadow

Located towards the back of the park, you’ll find a playground tucked away in the shade. There are three separate play structures, a swing side, a free standing slide, monkey bars, riding toys and more.  There are picnic tables nearby as well as benches and a covered gazebo. Also in the park is a pond with hiking trails. 

Features: Separate Play Areas, Shaded, Picnic Tables, Hiking Trails


There are THREE separate playgrounds on the grounds of Look Park.  The Park is a destination in and of itself just for all of their fun activities including a zoo, a train, mini-golf, paddle boats, a splash pad, hiking trails and much, much more. There is a fee to enter the park but most of the activities are included with admission, including the playgrounds.

Features: Separate Play Areas, Shaded, Hiking Trails, Splash Pad, Bathrooms



One of the more impressive playgrounds we’ve ever visited, this fully wooden playscape has a rock wall, zip line, slides, interesting things to climb, and more. There is also a separate area with swings and slides, as well as a play area in the shape of a fire truck.  The park also features a splash pad, hiking trails, covered pavilions, and a little brook. 

 Features: Wooden Playscape, Zip Line, Rock Walls, Shaded, Splash Pad, Hiking Trails, Covered Pavilion, Bathrooms


Located just outside the Holyoke Children’s Museum, this is a small playground set on a sandy surface with a playscape. Make sure to check it out while visiting the museum and Holyoke Merry-Go-Round.

Features: Small Playground, Sandy Surface, Located next to Children’s Museum



This is a great shaded playground located just over the border in Massachusetts. There are two play structures, a large swing set, riding toys, picnic tables, benches and more.  The play structures feature slides, tunnels, shaky bridges and other things to climb. It’s located next to the town pool where you can buy out-of-town passes to swim for the day.

Features: Accessible, Separate Play Areas, Shaded, Picnic Tables, Community Swimming Pool


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