Tips for Hosting a Superbowl Party


Superbowl is a big deal in my house.  We’re not usually huge Football watching fans, but we love the big game!  There’s something about watching two teams battle for the title, the snacks, the commercials and the half-time show! 

And of course, when your team makes it to the Superbowl, that’s all the better! 

I’ve hosted my fair share of Superbowl parties in this house; and every year I try to improve on the food, the fun and the decorations. 

But I’ve come to learn some very important things when throwing a Superbowl party: 

  1. The game is important, but not as important as the food! 

I plan my menu weeks in advance.  We have our family staples: three-bean chili, cornbread, buffalo chicken dip.  But every year, I try to get creative. 

Sometimes I try to prepare a menu based on the teams playing or the location of the Superbowl; but that can get tricky. What food is Minneapolis famous for anyway? 

It’s always fun when your food fits the theme of the day.  I even attempted a snack-stadium in the past (and learned that I would so not do that ever again! Not because it was difficult; but because it broke my heart when people started eating it!!!)

We always have food prepared and ready throughout the entire game.  Whether you make it all yourself, or you order pizza, keep those hungry guests fed during your Superbowl party! 

2.  The commercials are almost as important as the food! 

And we love our commercials in this house.  In fact, we even made a game from the commercials. Superbowl BINGO!  We get very competitive with this game. 

If you are interested in adding a little fun to your Superbowl party, here’s our Superbowl Commercial BINGO game that you can print out and use! There are five cards; but you can always shuffle around the boxes to create more. 

3.  To Decorate or Not Decorate? 

That is ENTIRELY up to you. But I live for party decorations and decorating for a Superbowl party is really fun!  I love making my own especially; and I save them for the next year.  Here are a few of my favorite creations over the years that are really easy to make! 

Football Food Labels: These were made with foam balls (cut in half and painted green), lollipop sticks, brown paper and white tape.  When I change the menu, I just stick a new piece of tape on them and write down the new food item. 

Chalkboard Signs: There’s something very Football-y about chalkboard signs.  These are easy to make if you have a chalkboard on hand! 

Football Utensil Holders: These were created with recycled aluminum cans. I wrapped them with brown paper and used white tape to create the laces. 

Penalty Napkins: A simple touch- yellow napkins in a labeled cup/bowl! 

This simple football banner is easy to make with craft paper, white tape and some twine.  I cut the pendants by hand but you can often find these pre-cut shapes at craft stores! 

I have also gotten more creative with full wall decorations. 

I also love to decorate my Superbowl party with the colors of the teams playing in the Superbowl. Balloons, table linens, napkins and plates can all work to tie the colors in.  And honestly, decorating by color is a lot cheaper than buying the licensed merchandise. This year you’d want to decorate with red and blue for the New England Patriots, and midnight green and black for the Philadelphia Eagles. A simple search online will help you find the correct colors for the teams. 

4. Enjoying the Game 

I guess that is kind of the point, right? Make sure you have lots of comfortable seating at your Superbowl party. Ensure that you actually get the channel the game will be on (yes, that has happened to us)!  Most guests are happy so long as the food keeps coming, the beer/drinks keep flowing and the game is on.  Of course, I like to liven the mood with games like Commercial Bingo and other friendly wagers. I also have a fun assortment of prizes on hand to make it all the more interesting! 

Above all else, enjoy the game! I mean, that’s why you’re having a Superbowl party in the first place! 

And remember, if you ever come to my house, make sure you stay quiet… during the commercials. 

And half-time. 




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